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There’s a section of a John Mayer interview in the offbeat documentary California Typewriter where the guitarist muses on his philosophy towards technology in his day to day life. “I think the best way to live is to incorporate the best of the last hundred years into a hybrid that works.” Specifically, in regard to why he uses typewriters, he says: “I’m not using it because it’s hip. It’s the best version of the idea that’s come around.” …

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Oklahoma is a strange place for a film festival. There’s twenty-seven of them there at the time of this writing. Turns out there are no criteria that have to be met beyond “wanting to start a film festival”. And so people just… start film festivals. Kind of bizarre, really.

I was staying in McAlester, an interstate rest stop of a town an hour and a half south of Tulsa and a twelve hour drive from Chicago. The inside of my room looked like the inside of any other budget chain hotel room. From the window I could see the road…

On Moose, Wolves, and the Fragile Beauty of Isle Royale

In my head, the moment lasted thirty seconds, maybe a minute. It lingered. In reality, it was over before I had time to really process what I was seeing. Four or five seconds, tops. It was my third morning on Isle Royale, I had just finished filtering a few bottles of lake water for the day and was returning to my campsite, still not fully awake, the sun still low on the horizon. I walked away from the shore and into the woods, a bottle in each hand, and headed…

Nolan Sordyl

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